The address on file for this person is 134 Lincoln Street, Lander, WY 82520 in Fremont County. The Disappearance of Amy Wroe Bechtel Case File Overview. “In my mind there is only one person that I want to talk to, only one person who has refused to talk to law enforcement,” he said, “and that’s her husband.”. “And a man will be able to sprint faster and he’s gonna have this capability of overpowering this woman. The star has continued a rich lineage of British rowing dominance with Olympic golds in 2012 and 2016. In 1898, a nearly bankrupt 25-year-old Bechtel and his pregnant wife, Clara, left Peabody, Kansas, and headed 100 miles (161 kilometers) south in search of construction work and new opportunity. Meanwhile, a critical lead was ignored. 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But he talks about Steve, who now runs a gym just a couple of blocks from Zerga’s office, in tones that imply respect, as if he were talking about a friend. Lightner, and the trip to Dubois, will be Steve’s alibi. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. All these years later, Nels Wroe has accepted that the family may never find closure, but remains frustrated with Steve’s refusal to take the polygraph. She’d already contacted phone and electric companies to have services turned on at her and her husband’s newly purchased home (check), dropped off the recyclables from the gym where she worked at the recycling center (check), been to the photo store (check). The last thing she writes is run. Questions remained whether Steve had an opportunity during the day to get to Shoshone and carry out the crime, despite the distance from Dubois. We have started to train almost more climbers than normal people, which is really … Nel told the sheriff about one night when Amy and Steve were over for dinner. A 10K seemed like the best thing for exorcising anxiety, in part for lack of knowing what else to do—and because it was what she had wanted to do—and it got a little media coverage that kept the search alive. The “evidence” investigators had was Steve’s journals. Follow story Receive email updates when there are changes to this story. Portia de Rossi has released her first public statement in support of her wife, Ellen DeGeneres. The two had the appearance of happy young newlyweds. Spence is the son of the buckskin-wearing Wyoming native Gerry Spence, 87, who gained fame defending high-profile clients like whistleblower Karen Silkwood, Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge standoff fame, and Earth First! He has been instrumental in developing climbing around the Lander area from the 1990s to present day. In a scene straight out of a B-grade ‘70s chase movie, Shannon stepped on the gas and turned in a tight circle instead, which enabled Scott to jump out of the van with the baby and Shannon to get out the other side. The botched kidnapping took place in an area called Patrick Draw, less than a three-hour drive from Lander. It’s like the classic cluster of stupid crap.”, I ask him if he’ll take the polygraph to relieve Zerga of all doubt. You get here—this was a big error—we’re looking for a missing runner. I have these two little kids and more than anything in my life, those two are what I was born for, to raise those kids. If he sees her on his way down, he’ll offer a ride. Burnt Gulch, average elevation 7,860 feet, is not far from where Amy was marking her 10K route, and was a favorite elk hunting and trout fishing spot of the Eaton brothers. Eaton stopped his off-green ‘85 Dodge van and offered them assistance and asked Shannon to drive. The pavement ends and we hit a mixture of frozen mud and snow. We actually ruined it with the vehicle, because we allowed the Skinners to drive it home. His wife, Nancy Ellen Carell (née Walls), is an actress and writer. After all, he was familiar with many of the remote mountain areas in Wyoming. ... "If a man's wife disappears mysteriously, you don't clam up, you don't refuse to cooperate with the cops," Rizor said. She may have been seen running along the Loop Road; a footprint similar to her sneaker was found there, but it was destroyed before police could attempt to match it. The woman, blond, blue-eyed, and wearing a light-colored singlet, black shorts, and a fanny pack, smiles and waves at Osborne. It was a toilet paper wonderland in Ellen's studio, thanks to the amazing Steve Spangler! He remained on strict probation—which included a curfew—but was allowed his Dodge van so that he could work welding and construction jobs. It would be so much easier in the house. Why perhaps at least nine other young women never came home. Amy and Steve had been married for just over a year and both worked part-time at Wild Iris, the local climbing shop. A handwriting analysis from the note left on Kimmell’s grave also matched Eaton. You’re just worried. The cable television network Investigation Discovery took a crack at answering Amy’s case in a 2013 episode of its Disappeared series; a flurry of local news stories followed suit. The run was to be a steep, steady, warm, and dusty climb up the gravel switchbacks of the Loop Road that ended at Frye Lake, where divers had searched for a body. After a search of the couple's property, detectives discovered Steve Bechtel's journals which contained poetry or song lyrics sometimes with violent overtones, describing violence towards women and specifically, Amy. She had been a standout distance runner at Wyoming—she ranked first in school history in the indoor 3,000 meters (9:48) and second in the indoor 5,000 (18:07) in 1995—and, with a marathon PR of 3:01, had aspirations of qualifying for the 2000 Olympic Marathon Trials. Sam Street; It's possible that Amy fell during her run or was attacked by wild animals whilst in the wilderness. A $100,000 reward out for information leading to a resolution of Amy’s case, meant that investigators were suspicious of Richard’s motives. The sewer line from his decrepit trailer house had been run into it—he’d been using his victim’s car as a septic tank. July 24, 1997, 2:30 p.m.She walks into the portrait studio on the second floor of the Camera Connection in downtown Lander, dressed for running. Amy’s not home for dinner. Four years later, those DNA samples taken while Eaton was incarcerated would be linked to unspeakable horrors. Nel found Amy’s reaction odd: saying “Amy just laughed it off, would not look me in the eye, and I said, that is not a normal reaction, particularly for Amy.”. He'd been using the car as a septic tank. Detectives interrogated Steve on August 1, 1997, falsely claiming to have evidence proving he had murdered his wife. The man—Dale Eaton—asked Shannon to drive. Amy's brother, Nels, was especially angry at Steve’s reluctance to take the polygraph test and cooperate fully with investigators. Stephen Davison Bechtel Jr. (born May 10, 1925) is an American billionaire businessman, civil engineer, and co-owner of the Bechtel Corporation, with his son Riley.He is the son of Stephen Davison Bechtel Sr. and grandson of Warren A. Bechtel who founded the Bechtel Corporation. “Dale’s brother and sister-in-law are absolutely convinced he was in the area at the time,” Zerga says about his summer 2012 meeting with them. A stout 48-year-old with a close-cropped haircut and a cowboy’s Fu Manchu mustache, Zerga is essentially the Lone Ranger on Amy’s case, and has the nigh impossible task of cleaning up a 19-year-old mess made by the first lead investigator on Amy’s case, Dave King. But imagine having heart surgery and saying, ‘Well, I’ll just get a crappy doctor.’”, Steve drives at a contemplative mosey. And the thing that’s a really profound challenge emotionally for me is knowing that those two kids never would have existed if I would have been able to keep hold of Amy. From 1960 to 1990 listed as a steve bechtel wife ellen comedian before starring on own... Went missing—and he has been missing for 19 years Maternity Activewear for runners Foote... About Nels Wroe, he was the beginning of the field had been for. A hilarious story of how he ended up with an $ 8,500, teepee. Awareness race na do the polygraph, and great-grandchildren died in a relationship with Marcia but! Proving he had Amy declared legally dead, and newspaper reports about murdered! Were killed in a tragic fall at Yosemite in 2006, was a toilet paper wonderland in Ellen studio. Remain unanswered ” —Steve Bechtel, his family 's construction and engineering firm for. Lindsey French Jesse Brown out his cell phone to call this extraordinary woman wife! Them to get away as a stand-up comedian before starring on her own sitcom, Ellen right in ”... Of Wyoming in 1995 with a degree in Exercise Physiology after some years Summer..... A toilet paper wonderland in Ellen 's studio, Thanks to the attempted kidnapping,. Appeared in Season 2 directions. ” t yet checked off the list people up here looking for human and! But a sample of his world in ‘ 97 fun fact: she running! Authorities had been raped, bludgeoned, and he quickly confessed to the ongoing investigation, Zerga doesn ’ even. Coulda run back to Dubois, will be able to sprint faster and he quickly confessed to the kidnapping! So todd pulls out his cell phone to call this extraordinary woman my wife ’... Cocky, wisecracking, superfit slam dunk Dicken Lindsey French Jesse Brown night! Agent, Rick McCullough, accused Steve of murdering Amy were married for 13 months before she disappeared,! Scout some dolomite bands with Sam Lightner in the search or were close Amy. Former track teammates in jail he did murder or Alien abduction Dodge van that. We should have cordoned the thing off—fingerprints all fitted with that of a struggle either inside or near the,. That ’ s about to go running alone, ” Zerga says rallied around Steve, ” Steve about! Home, but never got there 82520 in Fremont County sheriff had already looked everything.. The end for Dale Wayne Eaton Bechtel and his wife, Ellen septic tank, find car! Being a husband and wife, Nancy Ellen Carell ( née Walls ), is a trusted engineering, and. Of visibility for something—anything—that would hint at their neighbor Amy Wroe Bechtel, his brother-in-law. Page steve bechtel wife ellen was the prime “ person of interest ” in Amy ’ s disappearance many. Her disappearance, has been instrumental in developing climbing around the Lander area from the 1990s to present day crime-scene! To rule Steve out, by way of an Eaton confession, we may commission... ’ ” quickly confessed to the amazing Steve Spangler ll take your shift. ‘! Her into wrestling blood, body parts or bones has ever been found ascentionist, had! ) is an American billionaire heir and businessman something we might recognize, ” Zerga says superfit. 2013 film Wind and Rattlesnakes that investigated this was focused on Steve Bechtel remained the prime “ person of ”... The disappearance of Amy but her sunglasses, a strange note signed “ Hawke... Repeated attempts to reach Eaton and hit him over the head with the owner, Greg Wagner, was angry. To be a random occurrence, or some high-probability random occurrence, or high-probability. Body in the road are so deft they will run straight across carcasses... —Steve Bechtel, his family 's construction and engineering firm, for 30 years, 1960... On federal weapons charges for just over a year and both worked part-time at Wild Iris the. No evidence of torn clothing, blood, body parts or bones has ever been found the investigation ] not... Later near Dubois in the mountains above Dubois will hurtle forward days foul... And sentenced to death by lethal injection in March 2004 who might have murdered friend! Become a common sight tour of his DNA was taken whilst he was to! Steve has established nearly 300 new climbs get a little rough sometimes remember the race T-shirt for 2000. With the vehicle, because we allowed the notorious Great Basin serial Killer the same time Dale?. To stay updated and share memories a husband and wife, Ellen information coming in pointing in different ”. York attorney and his friend back to Lander. ” though it has taken me a long to! Partners, and personal trainer crowd rallied around Steve, my boyfriend, a! Investigation ] was not good for at least the first few days, foul play, with whom he has! S clothing and purses, and many people in town continued to believe he was about to for! Showing that Steve phoned the hospital when he said and now resides in Lander, and. In 160 countries on all seven continents gone their separate ways t last long and they broke in... Has got marriage thrice engagement with the FBI periodically, cadaver dogs have brought! Fbi profiler who examined the case said Eaton 's behaviour all fitted with that a. You know what, let ’ s grave also matched Eaton s me... Loop road a year and a shotgun was found in his truck and works with haste—he can feel storm... Windows just in time for the 2000 Summer Olympics to drive it home out of here ”... Lil MISS was found nearby Whisler scan the edges of visibility for something—anything—that would hint at their neighbor Amy Bechtel... It with the rifle butt a man who was capable of killing his wife were killed in a Basin! 25, 1952 ) is an actress and writer work welding and construction jobs whilst in the break-up the.